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PERI Enters Into Exclusive Online Relationship with

Wi-Fi Audio and Power Innovator to Sell its Products Exclusively through Amazon Exclusives Marketplace

PERI, Inc. (, makers of the PERI Duo, announced it will be selling on through the new Amazon Exclusives storefront ( As a part of the relationship, PERI’s innovative and unique audio and power products will be available to Amazon’s more than 270 million users while PERI commits to building its online brand and presence exclusively on Amazon.

“It is unique that a company of our size has the opportunity to collaborate with a world-renowned ecommerce giant like Amazon to bring PERI’s unique products to its users,” said Mohammad Tabatabai, CEO of PERI, Inc. “We are thrilled that Amazon recognizes our innovations in the Wi-Fi audio space and are excited to be joining other high-profile companies on this new platform.”

The Duo is the only smartphone case that functions as a battery charger and a standalone wireless portable speaker. As a wireless speaker, the Duo has the ability to operate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Utilizing the Duo’s on-board Wi-Fi audio technology, users can stream the same music to multiple speaker cases with or without a local area network, as the Duo acts as its own router. The Duo also features an integrated hi-res DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and a powerful audio DSP. PERI is currently developing the Duo for the iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus; however it is currently polling supporters through email ( to decide which Android case to develop next.

“As a start-up, we have learned how costly it can be to reach the consumer. In a perfect world, we would reach all our customers directly through our own branded website. Unfortunately, that is not a feasible way to build a far-reaching customer base; however, through our relationship with Amazon, we believe we can get as close as possible to that dream,” said Michael Hsu, Co-Founder of PERI, Inc. “The Amazon Exclusives storefront offers a unique and efficient sales channel that will allow us to focus more on innovating and less on marketing.  The platform will allow us to better control our brand messaging and strategically scale our business with the help of Amazon’s fulfillment and business planning services.”

PERI expects the Duo to be available for purchase through Amazon starting in Q3, but consumers can pre-order the Duo now at a discounted price of $119.

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About PERI

Founded in 2014, PERI, Inc. ( is a leading Wi-Fi audio technology company developing innovative products and technologies in the mobile accessories, portable consumer electronics and auto components markets.  The company specializes in proprietary IC design and innovative audio and power consumer products.  PERI is Portable Electronics Re-Invented! Stay in tune with PERI through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.