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PERI Creates New Category for Smartphone Accessories with the PERI Duo

First-of-its-Kind Charging Case + Hi-Def Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Enabled Speakers Debuts on Indiegogo

No mobile accessory on the market today solves the two greatest needs of every smartphone user – more battery power and amplified sound – until now. Today, PERI announced the PERI Duo, a first-of-its-kind case that integrates a hi-def, high-power speaker system and a 2500mAh battery. The Duo creates an immersive audio experience loud enough to fill any room, while also providing more than a full charge to your smartphone.

“This is the case everyone with a smartphone has been waiting for,” said Michael Hsu, cofounder, PERI. “The Duo solves the core general limitations of mobile speakers and phone battery capacity. Consumers don’t need to spend $100 plus on a battery case and then another $200 plus on a portable wireless speaker. Through innovation and technology integration, we’ve developed a charging solution and a hi-def portable speaker system in a slim design, creating an entirely new category within the mobile accessory marketplace.”

While development of the Duo is scheduled to support iOS and Android-based phones, the company intends to develop its first Duo case for the iPhone® 5/5s and iPhone 6. Interested supporters of the Duo can now visit its Indiegogo campaign, where Duo inclusive rewards start at $79.

The Duo has a patent-pending one-piece design for fast/easy phone-to-case coupling, and will be available in four premium color combinations: Black/Silver, White/Gold, Red/Black and a special edition Black/Black (via Rhymesayers Entertainment). Key benefits of the Duo include:

  • Dual Purpose – Functions as a standalone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi portable speaker or encase your iPhone for on-the-go listening and added charge.
  • Rich, Full Audio Experience – With an integrated hi-res DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and fully programmable single-chip audio DSP, the PERI Duo offers true EQ (equalization) settings through the embedded DSP firmware using the PERI Audio App.
  • Multicast Your Music – Can be configured to multicast music with multiple PERI Duo cases through peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connectivity, creating a custom audio experience. Suitable for playing in surround sound mode, conference calling, party mode and creating other amazing sound experiences.
  • Power On-the-Go – Boasting a 2500mAh battery, users will receive an additional 130-160 percent battery, translating into 12-17 hours of talk time or 4-6 hours of continuous playback depending on volume setting.
  • Clear Conference Calling – Integrated microphone ensuring the clarity and crispness of voices.

For more information on PERI, Inc. and the PERI Duo, please visit the website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About PERI

Founded in 2014, PERI, Inc. ( is a leading Wi-Fi audio technology company developing innovative products and technologies in the mobile accessories, portable consumer electronics and auto components markets.  The company specializes in proprietary IC design and innovative audio and power consumer products.  PERI is Portable Electronics Re-Invented! Stay in tune with PERI through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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