Avnet Supports PERI to Bring Cutting-Edge Audio and Power Products to Market

Irvine, Calif. – Aug. 7, 2017 – Ghassan Alameri of Avnet identified PERI as a future leader in innovative audio and power products for consumers and enterprise markets given his experience with PERI’s CEO, Mohammad Tabatabai, who was previously a Director of Engineering at tech giant Broadcom.  At Broadcom, Mohammad worked with Avnet on various projects from chipsets for Apple to Ethernet technology for cars.

“Given we know that Avnet generally works with large tech clients like Broadcom, we have been thrilled with the high level of support Avnet has provided PERI as a tiny start-up,” said Mohammad Tabatabai, CEO of PERI. “They have been a huge help during product development as they have constantly brought us new component options in the marketplace, helped us understand our build costs, and helped us organize and plan our supply chain logistics.”

Avnet’s established relationships with key component suppliers for PERI such as Microchip and Cirrus Logic were critical to PERI in designing their latest product the Duo Slim.  Avnet assisted PERI in getting access to the field engineering resources from these suppliers as well as preferential pricing as a franchised distributor of the parts.  Avnet is also the designated supplier of Apple’s MFi components, which was important since PERI is an Apple licensed product developer, and the Duo Slim is an MFi product with utilizing multiple Apple components.

“Our partnership with Avnet has been a key ingredient to our success in developing new cutting-edge consumer products.” said Michael Hsu, CFO of PERI.  “They helped us launch our first product, Duo for iPhone 6/6s, which was the first-of-its-kind iPhone case with an integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled speaker system.  We packed a lot of technology into that little phone case, and Avnet was a major help in getting us across the finish line.”

Avnet today is working closely with PERI on its newest product, the Duo Slim case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (also backwards compatible to iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus).  Duo Slim features a high-fidelity docked speaker system, headphone jack, and backup battery. Specific features include:

  • Play digital audio directly from the iPhone to the Duo hi-fidelity speakers via a docked iPhone lightning connection
  • Full-range 3-watt speaker and passive radiator for amazing bass
  • High-resolution DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) for improved hi-fidelity audio.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack connected to the case’s integrated DAC for an amazing headphone audio experience
  • 80% extra battery life for your iPhone or enjoy 8+ hours of audio playback with the Duo’s integrated 2200mAh battery for the iPhone 7 case and 3000mAh for the iPhone 7 Plus case
  • Simultaneously charge the Duo Slim and attached iPhone via standard Apple lightning connector in half the time of other leading battery cases
  • Backwards compatible to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models – Plus included

“PERI is a perfect example of how Avnet helps turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology,” said Eric Leahy, Director of Sales for Emerging Business. “It is their ingenuity and unrelenting work ethic that will make them successful, and Avnet is just here to help guide them to market and remind them to Reach Further when they do run into challenges.”

Pre-orders for Duo Slim are now live through Indiegogo and start as low as $49, with expected delivery to start in October 2017 for the iPhone 7 case and November for the iPhone 7 Plus case. MSRP of Duo Slim is $139.99 for the iPhone 7 version and $149.99 for the iPhone 7 Plus version.  To learn more about PERI and the Duo Slim, please visit https://igg.me/at/duoslim.

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