Fuller Sound. More Battery Life.

Bye-bye, tinny playback. Say hello to broad-spectrum, big-volume (100 decibel!) sound. Duo is the iPhone case with room-filling audio that more than doubles your iPhone’s battery life. Experience crisp playback while docked, streaming wirelessly over Bluetooth, or enjoying Wi-Fi’s fuller sound, without Bluetooth’s compressed audio bandwidth.

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Your Life Deserves a Soundtrack.

Life is better with music. PERI Duo lets you add music any time, anywhere you have your phone.


High Fidelity Streaming

Duo’s Wi-Fi enables full-spectrum broadcast (with higher resolution than Bluetooth’s narrow-bandwidth compression), and full-immersion sound with networked playback over multiple Duos.

Play Your Way

Choose your playback option: Docked (15 hrs duration w/full charge), Bluetooth (20 hrs), or revel in uncompressed audio fidelity streaming over Wi-Fi (10 hrs).

One-Button Spotify Playback

Summon your favorite tunes from the cloud with Quick Play™, which grants you one-button access to your favorite Spotify playlist (more cloud music compatibility coming soon).

Real-World Stereo

Give your music added dimension with Quick Link™—connect up to 64 Duos and bask in auditory splendor—instant party, anyone?

Speaker Phone

Duo is also a wireless speaker phone, thanks to its sensitive MEMS (microelectromechanical system) omnidirectional microphone.

EZ-Lock Docking

Dock your iPhone within Duo in about a second. Really. Just drop the iPhone in place, slide the EZ-Lock up a quarter inch, and you’re done.


Share What You Love.

Experience incredibly powerful audio and true stereo immersion—anywhere you are—with Duo’s Quick Link™ technology that wirelessly connects up to 64 Duo cases.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 6.06” x 2.75” x 0.78” (153.9 mm x 69.9 mm x 19.8 mm)
Weight 5.4 oz (153 g)
Max Volume 100 dBA
Peak Power 4 watts
Battery 2900 mAh
iPhone Charge Capacity 120% of iPhone 6/6s full charge
Playback Duration
(will vary w/volume and battery temperature)
Docked: 15 hrs
Bluetooth: 20 hrs
Wi-Fi: 10 hrs
Charging Time
(via USB Micro-B plug)
1.5 hrs to 90% @ 2 amps
2 hrs to 100% @ 2 amps
2.5 hrs to 90% @ 1 amp
3 hrs to 100% @ 1 amp
Manual HERE
Musical Life Enhancement Unlimited

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